Window Shades

Window Shades


Décor F. Soleil has many different types of window shades to fit any room or layout. From roller shades to sunscreens to panel tracks and the innovative Shadow Magic shade, we can find something to suit you perfectly.

Roller window Shades and Sunscreens


Ideal for situations where light must be blocked out completely, our roller shades are perfect for areas in need of a simple and easy way to either let light in or keep it out. Each shade is outfitted with a mechanism which allows the blind to come down or retract quickly and easily. We also offer sunshades in the same form factor, which block out the harsher rays while still letting in enough light to illuminate an area on bright days.

Fabric  window Shades


Fabric shades come in both semi-opaque and opaque forms, which will either block out most of the light while down or block the view from outside while still allowing light to pass through.

Pleated and Roman Shades


Pleated shades are the perfect product to block out excess light whole at the same time maintaining a sense of style and modern design. They are fully retractable, so they only block out the light when you want them too. Roman shades are similar, however the pleats are larger.

Panel Tracks


A Japanese-style panel track provides a stylish way to maintain privacy, with an easy-to-use sliding mechanism for opening and closing the panels. Ideal for modern-design homes.

Shadow Magic


The innovative Shadow Magic system combines the versatility of blinds with the ability of fabric shades to block a window while still allowing the light to pass. They are comprised of several fabric “slats” suspended between two layers of sheer fabric, and the slats can be tilted to adjust the amount of light being let in. The shades can also be fully raised.

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